About Us!

We are located in beautiful central Missouri, approximately 20 miles north of I-70 and Columbia. We are dedicated to breeding some of the finest Lippitt Morgans in the country. We breed for Breed Identity--the true, old type Morgan horse; disposition; correct conformation; beauty; athletic ability; work ethic and versatility.

In 1997, on a trip to Vermont, we purchased our first Lippitt Morgan from a lifelong breeder of true Morgan Horses, and we were on our way to realizing a lifelong dream to breed true, "Original", Morgan horses. We wanted to breed horses with all the qualities of "Figure", Justin Morgan, and these Lippitt Morgans have been carefully linebred for over 200 years to attain those qualities.

What Is A Lippitt?

Lippitt Morgans are a family of AMHA registered Morgans, with no outcrosses to Saddlebreds or other breed in the 20th century and beyond, thus having the highest available concentration of the original Justin Morgan blood. Some have as much as 23-24% of the orginal blood, which would be nearly as much as a grandson or grandaughter of Justin Morgan. Lippitts are named in honor of Robert Lippitt Knight, who helped save these valuable bloodlines from near extinction by breeding them at his Green Mt. Stock Farm, located in Randolph, Vermont, from 1927-1962. His "Lippitt" prefixed horses were famous for type, quality and preserving the original Morgan bloodlines.

Lippitt Morgans are always bay, chestnut, brown, or black, with usually little or no white markings. Ideally they are 14.1 to 15.1 hands tall, sturdy, intelligent, and people-oriented. They love their people!

We invite you to call us and come visit our farm and see our horses. If you're are looking for an Original Morgan Horse for today, you won't be disappointed. We belong to AMHA, the Lippitt Morgan Breeders' Association, the Lippitt Club, Inc., and the Missouri Show Me Morgan regional group.

If you want the closest horse to Justin Morgan 1, you want a registered Lippitt Morgan. Unchanged in type and versatility in over 200 years! Beautiful, highly intelligent and versatile! The Lippitt Morgan registry is a member of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, protecting & perpetuating this unique breed! To Go THE LIPPITT MORGAN HORSE REGISTRY,INC CLICK HERE!